It’s Okay To Love Your Fat Body

Hey beautiful/handsome, hope you are doing well. I just wanted to make a post because I have not been able to in the past couple of weeks. I wanted to talk about how it is more than okay to love your body, and yes, even those of you who have a fat body. It is okay to love yourself and your beautiful body.

Those of us who are told that we are too fat, we shouldn’t wear this or that, we shouldn’t eat this or that, and much more, it can hurt. I know personally¬†because I have been there. I have been made fun of my whole life for being overweight, for wearing shorts, for showing my fat flabby arms, for wearing something fitted, for wearing something baggy, and so on. I know it hurts and it sucks like no other.

I am here to tell you that no matter what size you are, no matter if you are 150 lbs or 450 lbs that you are beautiful/handsome and that you have a beautiful body which is a gift. We all are different and that is awesome. We all shouldn’t be the same size and weight because that would be so boring. It can be really hard to learn to love yourself and your body and it does/can/will take time to do so but just remember that hater’s gonna hate. Let them hate because they are taking time out of their day/life to make fun of you for you being special and unique. That’s exactly what you are is special and unique and honestly, that is perfect!

Love yourself, love your double chin, love your fat and flabby arms, love your belly, love your thick thighs, love the fact that you don’t have a thigh gap, love yourself and your body because it is incredibly beautiful.

Those of you who are skinny/fit/average and such love your body too because it is so beautiful and precious as well. Rock those abs you have and then toned muscles and lean figure. Wear it and own it.

Everyone is beautiful and special. Everyone is entitled to love themselves and their body. Love who you are and embrace what you have. Your “flaws” make you who you are and they make you more special and more beautiful/handsome.

Love you





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