Learning to Love Yourself

Hello beautiful/handsome! you are doing well 🙂

Hope you are doing well 🙂

I just wanted to make a quick post and say that no matter who you are you should love yourself. Loving yourself is so incredibly important. Learn to love everything about yourself. Learn to love your body. Learn to love your “flaws” and “imperfections”. Remember that even though you might see something as a flaw or imperfection it makes you who you are, which is incredibly beautiful/handsome 🙂 Always remember that.

Remember that some people are not going to like you or your body, and that’s ok. We are not all destined to like one another or be attracted to one another. That is just a part of life. That being said, even if you are not attracted to someone, someone’s body type, and so on we still need to respect one another and still embrace them and who they are. We are all different and unique which makes us so special.

It took me way too long to love myself and my body. I don’t want you to go through the same thing. I don’t want you to go living your life not living yourself or your body. Find your inner confidence, look deep down and try to find it. I know you can.

I named this blog findyourinnerconfidence because that is exactly what I did and I want you to know that you can do the exact same thing. If I can learn to love myself, my body, my “flaws” and my “imperfections” then you can too! It takes a lot of time, courage, strength, and love to do. You can do it too. I put quotations around flaws and imperfections because I don’t really think we have flaws or imperfections. I know that I sometimes say those words but deep down I think that everything makes us who we are and that is important to know. Everything about you whether you like it or not makes you who you are.

It is a process to go through in order to learn to love yourself and for some people it takes longer than others. It is something that is very important to conquer. I believe in you just remember to look deep down and find yourself and learn to love yourself.


Love you,


Love Alex


Don’t worry about others! Just love yourself

Hey beautiful/handsome. Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to make a quick little post about loving yourself and not worrying about others and what others think and say.

I know that can seem hard to do from time to time because a lot of us let others get in our way with our self-confidence and loving ourselves and our bodies. I am here to say that I have been in your shoes. I have been there where I let others control how I felt about my body. I woke up one day and I realized that I am worthy, that I am beautiful, that I am special and unique.

You can get here as well. Learn to start embracing your body, your curves, your freckles, your glasses, your thick thighs that rub, your flabby arms, your cellulite, and everything else. I know, I know that sounds insane to do! I can assure you that it will take time but you can get here like I did. Look at yourself and tell yourself how beautiful/handsome you are. Look at yourself. Seriously! Go look 🙂 I will wait a minute for you!

OK! What did you see? You saw your beautiful/handsome self-didn’t you? You saw everything that makes you, you. Everything that you think and see as a flaw makes you who you are which is so incredibly beautiful. Always remember that. For real, don’t worry about what others think about you. Love yourself and love who you are. Embrace yourself and your “flaws” and “imperfections”.

If someone makes fun of you for being different than they are, let them. You can’t stop them. Let them take time and waste time out of their day to make fun of you. Yes, I know it can suck and you of course can/should stand up for yourself but you can’t stop someone. Just know that no matter what stand and put your shoulders back, hold your head high and walk with confidence.

Remember confidence is sexy and beautiful/handsome.

Wear what you like and what makes you happy. Don’t worry about what others think. Do what makes you happy and what you like. Let me say it one more time. Wear what you like and what makes you happy (as long as you are not indecently exposed that is 😉 ).

I will talk to you all later.

Love you

Love Alex