Only You Can Judge Your Own Body

Hello Beautiful/Handsome

Hope you are doing well this week so far!

Friday is almost here. Yay!

I wanted to talk about bodies again this week. It is so important for you to know that it is ok to love yourself and love your body. It is also important to know that you and only you can judge your own body. No one else can tell you what is right and what is wrong for your body.

I mean people are going to tell you what they think is right or wrong for your body of course, but only you gets to decide whether you listen to them or ignore them.

It took me a super long time to get to where I am today with loving myself and my body. It really does take time and practice, but just remember that your body is yours, not your moms or your dads or your aunts or your friends or your teachers or your significant others or a strangers. IT IS YOURS AND YOURS ONLY.

Just remember that if/when someone tells you that you need to lose weight to be attractive or gain weight to be attractive just do you. You don’t have to and shouldn’t listen to anyone but yourself.

Your body is yours and if someone cannot appreciate you for who you are then why are you choosing to have them in your life? If someone cannot appreciate the thick thighs that you have or the belly that you have or the back fat that you have or even the abs or toned muscles that you have (whatever applies to you) then why have them rule your life? They don’t even accept you for who you are.

What matters really is that you are happy and healthy. Whether thats happy and healthy at 120 lbs, 220 lbs, 320 lbs, and more or less. Love yourself and love your body.

Haters gonna hate.

Just don’t cave into their negativity.

Love yourself and love your body. Remember you are beautiful/handsome

Love you!