Dealing With Negative Comments!

Hello beautiful/handsome!!

Hope you are doing well! It’s been a while since I have made a blog post, but I felt it was time after this weekend.

Starting Friday night I began to receive super hateful comments on my YouTube page about my obesity, how fat I am, and so much more.

At first, it definitely took me by surprise because normally I receive super wonderful, sweet, and heartfelt comments. However, lately, I have not and that’s ok!

If you are reading this and have dealt with bullying, harassment, or ignorance from people in any form then this is important for you to continue to read.

I grew up being bullied all my life for being too fat, too ugly, coming from an overweight family, etc. It hurt and it took me a long time to get over. It is, however, possible to overcome that and get over it.

First off if you are receiving hate, bullying, harassment, or anything that you feel is even slightly inappropriate, do not be afraid to report, block, tell a parent, a guardian, a friend, a co-worker, anyone who will listen. Bullying and harassment are NEVER acceptable. So please, I know it can be scary to tell someone or even show someone what is being done to you, but in the long run, it helps.

Second off, just remember that people are entitled to their opinions. I know, I know it hurts and it sucks major time. However, that is just how it is. You can be the most beautiful woman or the most handsome guy and someone out there will try to tear you down and tell you that you are ugly, worthless, and no good. While their opinion is ignorant and flawed and of course in your eyes and others wrong, that’s how they feel.

Thirdly, most of the time when someone makes fun of you, it is because they themselves are insecure and upset about something. I am constantly being made fun of currently for showing my belly in my videos when I am doing a lookbook that includes a bralette. I am being told that I eat too much, that I have a binge eating disorder (which I do not), I am being told that I am a cross between Godzilla and a whale, and so much more. Now, normally those things would really hurt someone. It is only natural to feel upset by the hurtful words that people say. However, just remember that they are hiding behind the internet to purposefully make you feel bad and inferior. So you have the choice then, you can either listen to what trolls are saying and let that define you, break you down, tear you apart, and make you feel worthless and pathetic and question what you are even doing. Or you can rise up, and take it with a grain of salt and realize your worth and continue to love yourself and your body and who you are.

What will you choose?

I choose to rise up and not let others judge-full hateful words define me. I choose to continue to love myself and my body. I choose to continue to do what I am doing and live my life to the fullest. What will you choose?


I love you all, just remember to love yourself, love your body, and just remember no matter what anyone says, you are absolutely beautiful or handsome just the way you are xoxox


Alex 🙂