Dealing with Anxiety

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are doing well. Been a while since I have posted on here but I am hoping to get into a weekly routine!

I know that I normally focus on self-love and body positivity, but this time around I wanted to focus on something a little bit more personal. I want to talk about my anxiety and panic attacks. First off I have always  been a very, very anxious person. I have always been a worrisome  person. I have always been pretty overwhelmed person. I have always been really stressed as well. However, I never experienced panic attacks, that is until January of 2015.

Panic attacks are relatively new to me, though it feels like it lasts forever. When I am experiencing a panic attack it mostly happens at night when I am pretty calm and ready for bed. I get all cozy and relaxed and BOOM! Panic attack. This does not happen nightly and luckily sometimes not even weekly. However, when it happens it is pretty bad.

I experience physical symptoms such as tightness of the chest, numbness and tingling in arms (especially the left arm), hands, and occasionally my legs and feet. My heart usually begins to race and beat irregularly and occasionally beats slowly. I begin to think that I am having a heart attack and that I am dying, when I know deep down that I really am going to be okay.

With that being said, it is really hard to try and tell yourself that you are okay, and that you are going to be fine. Always remember that you will make it out of a panic attack and that you just need to focus on taking deep breaths in slowly inhaling and exhaling. Try and do something to take your mind off of the anxiety such as watching a show, playing a game, listening to music. If you are in class, at work, or in a situation that you cannot do any of the above things, just try to use positive self-talk with yourself. Tell yourself that when (said thing is over with) that you can relax and do something fun then. Tell yourself to breathe and believe. Remind yourself that you are so strong and so brave and that you can and will make it through this!

If you take nothing away from the above, I at least hope that you remember that every time that you survive/overcome a panic attack, you are getting stronger.

I made a YouTube video the other day about my personal story with anxiety and I will include the link if you want to check it out. Just remember you are not alone ❤

I love you all! We are all going to make it through this.