Why Wait To Start Loving Yourself?

Hey beautiful/ handsome! Hope you are doing well!

This time around I wanted to talk about the concept of self-love. So many of us strive to love and accept ourselves. However, many of us struggle with the idea of loving yourselves and embracing our “flaws”.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say that they will love themselves when they lose x pounds. Or “when I lose weight, that is when I will love myself”. That thinking is so wrong. What if you never lose the weight? You are just never going to love yourself? Why do you think that you aren’t worthy of love now?

That type of thinking is toxic in my opinion (to not love yourself because you aren’t your ideal self yet). We should love ourselves no matter what. It is normal to want to make changes with yourself. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love yourself while undergoing changes.

You get this one life, why spend it hating yourself or waiting for you to become your ideal self? I spend close to 20 years hating myself and everything about me and my body. It is time to stop the hate and start to love and appreciate yourself now and if/when you make changes.

So many people live their lives whilst hating themselves. I used to be like that and now I can’t imagine going back and hating myself and apologizing for being overweight. It is a foreign concept to me now.


Alexandria xx ❤

Showing Off My Big Fat Belly On Social Media

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are doing well. Has your January been treating you well?

I want to talk about this picture that you are about to see!

Yes, that is me and my belly! Yes, I am very fat. I have rolls, dimples, curves, tons of stretchmarks, and so forth (I think you get the point). I think it is important to share this with you all because I used to hate myself and everything about my body and my belly.

I hated lifting my arm or stretching and my shirt lifting up exposing my belly or my love handles. I couldn’t stand the fact that someone saw my fat. I would cry because of how big I was. I cried because everyone made fun of my size. I cried because I hated myself.

As you can clearly see above, that I have the biggest smile on my face now. You know why? Because I love myself and my body. It is okay to be different and to have a different body than the nest person. It is okay to love yourself. It is okay to be you! There is nothing wrong with different.

I am proud of the woman that I have become. I have fought so hard to be happy and love myself and my body. January of 2017 I decided to take on the 365 photo challenge and post a picture of myself every single day (even if I am sick). Several days, I have posted a picture in my sports bra, or bralette exposing my belly.

I don’t care anymore if people get offended seeing my body and my fat. I post pictures like this to not show off my body, but rather to show others that it is possible to be big and love yourself. It is possible and acceptable to love the person that you are. You deserve respect no matter what your size is. It is possible to love yourself and your body.

Anything is possible with the right mindset and positive thoughts.

-Alexandria xx ❤

Why I Am Pro All Bodies Are Good Bodies

Hey beautiful/handsome!

Hope you are doing well!

I made a YouTube video on this topic and I will link it at the end of my blog. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear or maybe people just don’t get it. When I say that I am pro all bodies are good bodies that does not mean that I am promoting an unhealthy lifestyle such as being underweight or overweight. I have never said that you should aim for either of those, ever. There can definitely be negative implications that occur when being too underweight or too overweight. It might not happen to everyone who is under or overweight but you risk that happening. While I do not condone unhealthy weights on either end of the spectrum it’s ultimately your body, your life, and your choice. With that being said, your body is yours and yours alone. You get to choose how you treat it and what you do with it.

If you want to make it healthier, eat healthier and exercise. If that’s not your goal then that is your choice. We are all different and come from different families, backgrounds, cultures, etc. We all have different things we experience in life. We all have different health conditions (some of have no negative health concerns or conditions). We all have different metabolisms, BMI, and so on (I think you get my point).

My point is that there is no one right way to have your body. You might have been taught that you ought not to be too skinny or too fat, but that is something that is taught and learned. While it is extremely important to have a good healthy diet with your occasional cheat day or cheat meal, and exercise daily it should not determine your self worth or the amount of respect you should receive if you are not what society deems “beautiful or handsome”.

No matter who you are, your age, your preferences, your weight, how skinny or fat you are, you are a human being that deserves love and respect.

No matter what anyone says just remember to love yourself, love your body, and remember you are beautiful or handsome just the way you are!


Here is the video! Thank you! I love you all! xx ❤