What FAT Girls Should and Shouldn’t Wear!

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope all is well for you! I wanted to post this because some people get really confused on what Fat girls should and should not wear. I think this might be helpful!


  1. Fat girls can wear stripes.
  2. Fat girls can wear bralettes
  3. Fat girls can wear lingerie
  4. Fat girls can wear tanks/spaghetti Straps
  5. Fat girls can wear bathing suits
  6. Fat girls can wear bikinis
  7. Fat girls can wear clothes that are form fitting
  8. Fat girls can wear clothes that show their bellies/arms/thighs/etc
  9. Fat girls can wear shorts
  10. Fat girls can wear skinny jeans



Just a friendly reminder for those of you who forget this!

I love you all! xx ❤ ❤

Torrid and Wal-Mart Haul, Unboxing, and Try On!

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are doing well! This time I wanted to make a quick blog post to show you my haul/unboxing and try on videos!

Here is the haul and unboxing

Here is the Try On!

I wanted to post this here because I love Torrid’s clothes and bras and Wal-Mart had some really cute things as well 🙂

I thought I would post this here because I really liked how everything looked and fit!


I love you all! xx ❤ ❤

Working out to Fitness Marshall *PCOS TALK*

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are doing well!

So many people have been asking me lately what I like to do what workouts since I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I am planning on making a video with more in depth detail about this in the very near future!

I mostly workout to Fitness Marshall on YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFitnessMarshall?spfreload=5

I also like to do squats and lift weights!

PCOS is no joke and let’s be real it sucks. Weight gain is common, excess facial and body hair is common, and so is lack of weight loss and so many other symptoms.

Up until July of 2015 I was always unable to lose weight and it sucked because I was eating healthy and exercising and saw no results other than weight gain….

Now that I have this new workout routine I have been somewhat successful with some weight loss.

I know some people in the BOPO (Body Positive) Community are against weight loss (some definitely are not against it – but some are) I think it’s important no matter what part of that you believe in  that exercise is super important for anyone.

Whether you are trying to maintain or lose weight or just be active exercise is essential for healthy living (at least it is for me, might not be for everyone).

If you have PCOS like me (or are looking for a new exercise routine) I recommend checking out Fitness Marshall on YouTube because it is super fun and addicting!

Hope this helps ❤

Alexandria xx ❤

Trying the Teami Blends 30 Day Detox

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Hey beautiful/handsome!

Teami Blends contacted me a couple of weeks ago and wanted to send me their 30 day detox bundle! I was so excited because let’s be real, I ADORE TEA! I got hooked on green tea a little over a year ago now.

I think no matter who you are, whether you are trying to maintain or lose weight or just need a pick me up I think detox  teas can have benefits!

I am not trying this tea with the intent to lose weight (though I’m not going to complain if that happens). I am trying the tea to see if there is a difference between this tea and the green tea that I already drink. I want to see if I notice any skin complexion changes and if my energy improves like this tea is supposed to promote.

If you are interested in trying this 30 day detox with me or want to check out their other teas, bundles, tea infusers,  water bottles, tumblers, and more make sure to visit www.teamiblends.com and use the PROMO CODE SMITHY10 at checkout for 10% off of your order!

I am going to keep you guys posted if I notice any weight loss, skin complexion changes, more energy, and so on! I will post in a week or so on this topic and again after the 30 day detox!

Here is the link to my unboxing and information video on Teami Blends 30 day detox!

Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are doing well!

This time around I wanted to talk about being single on the day of love or as we all know it, Valentine’s Day. This is a special day of the year where we show our love to someone we love. While this is an exciting day it can also be a hard day for some especially if you are single.

Being single can be hard on Valentine’s Day because it feels like everyone around you is getting engaged, going to a fancy dinner, receiving chocolates and roses and more. For me personally, I have mixed emotions about this day. On one hand it is awesome to watch everyone celebrate their love for each other. However , on the other hand it is hard because I am unable to partake in that kind of event.

I was trying to think of some ways to still enjoy your day for those who are single, in a long distance relationship and can’t see their significant other, or maybe you’re in a new relationship and it is too soon to celebrate. Then it hit me to talk about what I have done i the past. Why not treat yourself? Why not order some food or rent a movie? Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. Treat yourself to a face mask or spa treatment. Take yourself to the movies.Buy yourself flowers and chocolates.

There is nothing wrong or pitiful with treating yourself. Love yourself enough to treat yourself.

I hope this was helpful for you!

LOVE you! Alexandria xx ❤

Blogger Recognition Award

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you all are doing well!

I want to post this quick blog to thank Ena from Pretty Plus and Proud for nominating me for this award! Ena has a great blog and YouTube channel and posts a lot of amazing OOTD’s and hauls! She is fully of energy and well as her channel and blog name states is she is pretty, plus, and proud! ❤

Her blog: https://prettyplusandproud.wordpress.com/

Her YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8MZOlQyBCh4izIVOloxjiw


I started this blog (which I realize I have been slacking on a bit) in February or March of 2016. I wanted to write because it is a way for me to express my feelings and get my points across. I make YouTube videos and sometimes I feel like talking about a specific topic isn’t enough and that I should write about it!

I chose FindYourInnnerConfidence because that is exactly what I had to do. I grew up hating myself and my body, and now I am at a place in my life where I love both. I want to help others find their inner confidence because no one deserves to grow up hating themselves for any reason.


I would like to provide 2 pieces of advice for other fellow bloggers

  1. Write about what you love and what you are passionate about. Don’t keep it hidden inside. Your words could be extremely helpful to someone else.
  2.  Try to be somewhat consistent or on schedule with posts (I am trying to get better this year with that myself). It gives your followers something to look forward to (your  blog) and they can usually count on a new one (whenever and how often you choose to post).


I would like to nominate

https://prettyplusandproud.wordpress.com/ (Though she has already been nominated) but she really is awesome and inspiring.

Good luck! Alexandria xx ❤

If You Don’t Like My Body, Why Keep Looking

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Hey beautiful/handsome!

I think by now we all know that not everyone is going to like you, appreciate you, accept you, and be attracted to you. That’s just how it is. We are all different and like and appreciate different things from the next person. It’s important though to still respect someone even if they are different from you, look different than you, and so forth.

As a very fat woman, I understand that not everyone is going to like my body, and that is okay! There is nothing wrong with not liking everyone. However, even if you don’t like someones body type, you should still respect them. We all live our lives differently and we shouldn’t be scrutinized for that.

I get so many hateful, toxic, negative comments on YouTube and social media because I am fat. People get furious when you are different from them and don’t fit into their standards of what constitutes as beautiful or acceptable.

My question is, if you dislike larger bodies, dislike me, my belly, my rolls, my (fill in the blank) why even bother watching or looking at my content? Why waste your time viewing something that disgusts you so. Why not watch videos, look at pictures, and read posts of things that you actually like are care about?

People love to stare, poke fun, and make jabs at people who are different, honestly I don’t know if that is something that will ever change. From what I have personally encountered is that people can’t stand when you are different and have different goals and views than they do so they make fun of you. I guess I will never understand why it is more important for someone to watch something they hate, rather than something they love

All my love, Alexandria XX ❤

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