Trying the Teami Blends 30 Day Detox

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Hey beautiful/handsome!

Teami Blends contacted me a couple of weeks ago and wanted to send me their 30 day detox bundle! I was so excited because let’s be real, I ADORE TEA! I got hooked on green tea a little over a year ago now.

I think no matter who you are, whether you are trying to maintain or lose weight or just need a pick me up I think detox  teas can have benefits!

I am not trying this tea with the intent to lose weight (though I’m not going to complain if that happens). I am trying the tea to see if there is a difference between this tea and the green tea that I already drink. I want to see if I notice any skin complexion changes and if my energy improves like this tea is supposed to promote.

If you are interested in trying this 30 day detox with me or want to check out their other teas, bundles, tea infusers,  water bottles, tumblers, and more make sure to visit and use the PROMO CODE SMITHY10 at checkout for 10% off of your order!

I am going to keep you guys posted if I notice any weight loss, skin complexion changes, more energy, and so on! I will post in a week or so on this topic and again after the 30 day detox!

Here is the link to my unboxing and information video on Teami Blends 30 day detox!


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