Working out to Fitness Marshall *PCOS TALK*

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are doing well!

So many people have been asking me lately what I like to do what workouts since I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I am planning on making a video with more in depth detail about this in the very near future!

I mostly workout to Fitness Marshall on YouTube

I also like to do squats and lift weights!

PCOS is no joke and let’s be real it sucks. Weight gain is common, excess facial and body hair is common, and so is lack of weight loss and so many other symptoms.

Up until July of 2015 I was always unable to lose weight and it sucked because I was eating healthy and exercising and saw no results other than weight gain….

Now that I have this new workout routine I have been somewhat successful with some weight loss.

I know some people in the BOPO (Body Positive) Community are against weight loss (some definitely are not against it – but some are) I think it’s important no matter what part of that you believe in  that exercise is super important for anyone.

Whether you are trying to maintain or lose weight or just be active exercise is essential for healthy living (at least it is for me, might not be for everyone).

If you have PCOS like me (or are looking for a new exercise routine) I recommend checking out Fitness Marshall on YouTube because it is super fun and addicting!

Hope this helps ❤

Alexandria xx ❤


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