I REFUSE To Apologize For Being FAT

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are doing well!

This time around I wanted to talk about not apologizing for being fat. I used to apologize and that is wrong. No one should apologize for who they are and how they live their lives. If someone can’t accept you for who you are maybe you should check and look at who you hang out with.

We are all different and look different and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Love yourself and your body and accept yourself. If you want to make changes to your body, do it for you and not for anyone else.

If you hang out with someone who makes you feel bad for who you are, why keep that toxic negativity in your life? Not saying you have to disown your friends, but if you can’t be or feel accepted, there is something wrong there.

No matter what anyone says remember to love yourself, love your body, and remember no matter what anyone says you are beautiful or handsome just the way you are!


Love you all! Alexandria xx ❤


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