Obsession with the Scale

Hey beautiful/handsome, this time I will be talking about the obsession that I used to have with my scale.

Growing up I  was obsessed with weighing myself. I would weigh myself constantly even multiple times per day. Note that this is not healthy at all considering weight fluctuates throughout the day and week. If you are going to weigh yourself have it be nor more than once a week  around the time time/day.

I was obsessed with the number on the scale because if it went down, then I was doing good and losing weight but if it went up, I would torment myself for gaining weight and getting fatter. As I mentioned weight changes throughout the day for many different reasons. Making it unhealthy to weigh yourself multiple times in a day and even in a week.

Weighing yourself can be a great thing if you want to know what your weight is. On the other hand it could be detrimental if you fall into unhealthy patterns like I did. Just remember weight is just a number. If you don’t like the number you have the ability to change it but it should be in a healthy way.

The YouTube video that I included speaks a little more in depth of my prior relationship with my scale.

No matter what the number on the scale is (big or small) you are beautiful/handsome and you are worth so much more than that number. ❤

I love you all! ❤ Remember to love yourself, love your body, and just remember no matter what anyone says, you are beautiful/handsome just the way you are




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