Fat Does Not = Ugly

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are well!
So I made a YouTube video a little bit ago which I will include at the end of my post for you to check out about Fat does not = ugly. Let me tell you, it sparked a lot of hate and dislikes. Guess we have a lot of fat phobic/fat haters out there ey?
Well let me tell you this, just because someone is fat does not mean they are ugly. Being fat is not this free pass you get at making fun of someone. Being fat does not mean that you are ugly just like being skinny does not automatically make you attractive. (However, everyone is beautiful/handsome- YES, EVERYONE!)
I get a lot of frequent comments that I will leave below with my responses
“But your belly hangs low” yes, yes it does. What’s your point? (You can clearly see from my Instagram @smithythefishy how my body looks)
“But you have two bellies” Yeah, I’m so awesome that I have a double belly. Next?
“But you are fat you can’t be healthy” Oh but I am, not all fat people are unhealthy
“But you are ugly and fat” I may be very fat! You are correct there, ugly? Maybe to you. Maybe I am not your preferance which is fine, but no. I’m not ugly.


Just because you don’t find someone physically attractive does not mean they are ugly. They might not be your preference or cup or tea and that’s fine. We aren’t going to be attracted to everyone but just because you don’t like someone does not mean you should shame and hate on them.

Here is my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CMA5PTnuqg


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