How To Get Bikini Ready for Summer 2017

Hey beautiful/handsome! Summer is near! It’s time to get out there and swim or tan and enjoy the weather!

However, many of us feel that we aren’t bikini ready. So I wanted to share my tips for you to get bikini ready

The first step to get bikini ready is to find a body!

The second step to get bikini ready is to find a bikini!

The third and final step to get bikini ready is to put on your bikini!

Guess what?! Now you are bikini ready 😀

I have attached my YouTube video so you can learn more about how to get bikini ready for summer 🙂

Love you all! xx ❤ ❤

Bento Box Meal Prep!

It’s been way too long since I have posted. I apologize. I have been extremely busy and life has been a little hectic to say the least.

I am going to try and get back to posting normally ASAP!

I want to share a meal prep with you all that I think is fairly healthy and really easy and yummy to make!

Here’s what you will need:

Bento Boxes (or any other meal prep box of your choice)

Chicken tenderloin package (or other lean protein; if vegan/vegitarian use your fave meat substitute)



Sugar snap peas

Red quinoa

Sambal Oelek


Lemon x1

Garlic Powder

Dehydrated Minced onion

Any other spices you prefer

I have attached my video so you can see how I fully prepare and package the meals! This made about 7 of them and boy are they good!

You can add or omit the sambal depending on your spice tolerance

It’s Time to End the Hate

Hey beautiful/handsome, hope you are well. It’s been a while since my last post. I have been unreasonably busy.

This time I want to talk about body shaming and why it needs to end.

*First off if body positivity, self-love, eating disorders, weight loss, weight gain, fat, and body shaming topics offend or trigger you, this post isn’t for you.*

Here we go..

Body shaming is something I go through everyday. It’s to be expected when you are my size and put yourself out there on the internet. However, most people assume.  They assume I am overweight and fat because I binge eat, overeat, and don’t exercise/workout. They assume I don’t care about myself or my body. The second I mention that I have PCOS and it’s easier to gain weight and harder to lose weight I get ridiculed that I use PCOS as an excuse (which I do not). I might have used that as an excuse in high school, but I don’t anymore. It’s a huge part of my weight gain and harder time to lose weight but’s it’s not the only reason I’m overweight. That’s not really the point though. The point is that people shame me for existing, for being fat, for loving myself and my body. I’m sorry but weren’t we all taught that it is crucial to love ourselves and our bodies? Weren’t we all taught the value of love and respect for others?

You don’t know everyone’e story. Stop telling people how to live their lives just because they live their life differently than yours.

Stop telling people to put down the fork, put down the food. Eat a salad, go workout. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GOING THROUGH.

You don’t know if they workout and eat healthy already.

Don’t tell someone who is skinny to eat a cheeseburger because you think they need meat on their bones. Stop shaming others for living their life.

You know what body shaming does? It doesn’t make someone be like oh okay cool thanks bro lemme just stop eating and go workout!

No, what body shaming can do but not always is promote eating disorders, make people use laxatives, engage in self-induced vomiting, and even extreme calorie counting and extreme workout just to name a few.

I’m not saying that it is healthy to be severely underweight or severely overweight. I will never say that either lifestyles are healthy. But I will say that you don’t know everyone’s story. So before you judge and tell someone how to live their life, focus on your own and maybe just maybe hold your tongue.

I love you all. You are all so beautiful/handsome no matter your size. Your size does not determine your worth. ❤ ❤


Fat People Have Standards

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are well!

This time around I want to talk about standards. We all have them in terms of what we like and don’t like and what we want and don’t want in relationships. It’s normal.

When I was younger I didn’t really have standards because I had no self-esteem or self- love. I accepted whatever because I thought that’s what I deserved. After some self-improvement I found that I need to change my view of myself and not take the ignorance that was thrown at me.

Now when I turn someone down (not all the time, but over half the time) I get called names, get told that they were doing me a favor, and so forth.

Two seconds ago I was “beautiful” in your eyes and now because I don’t feel the same way I’m this bad ugly person?

It’s just incredible how people change when rejection arises and you a fat person turn someone down. Again, not all fat people who turn someone down are called names. I am just speaking on my personal account of what I have experienced

The video that I have included speaks more clearly about what my intent and meaning is and I hope you enjoy it.


❤ ❤ xx Alexandria xx ❤ ❤

Fat Does Not = Ugly

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope you are well!
So I made a YouTube video a little bit ago which I will include at the end of my post for you to check out about Fat does not = ugly. Let me tell you, it sparked a lot of hate and dislikes. Guess we have a lot of fat phobic/fat haters out there ey?
Well let me tell you this, just because someone is fat does not mean they are ugly. Being fat is not this free pass you get at making fun of someone. Being fat does not mean that you are ugly just like being skinny does not automatically make you attractive. (However, everyone is beautiful/handsome- YES, EVERYONE!)
I get a lot of frequent comments that I will leave below with my responses
“But your belly hangs low” yes, yes it does. What’s your point? (You can clearly see from my Instagram @smithythefishy how my body looks)
“But you have two bellies” Yeah, I’m so awesome that I have a double belly. Next?
“But you are fat you can’t be healthy” Oh but I am, not all fat people are unhealthy
“But you are ugly and fat” I may be very fat! You are correct there, ugly? Maybe to you. Maybe I am not your preferance which is fine, but no. I’m not ugly.


Just because you don’t find someone physically attractive does not mean they are ugly. They might not be your preference or cup or tea and that’s fine. We aren’t going to be attracted to everyone but just because you don’t like someone does not mean you should shame and hate on them.

Here is my video

GlamorPlus+ Collab!

Hey everyone! I worked with my fellow GlamorPLus+ ladies and we filmed a lookbook featuring our favorite color! I chose purple (no surprise there)

I wanted to share this here because I wanted to attach all of our videos!

My video:

Ashton’s video:

April’s video:

Mai’s video:

Please make sure to watch mine and theirs as well! Tell them I sent you! We all had a great time filming and I hope you enjoyed!

Love you all! xx ❤ ❤

Top 10 Lipsticks from the Drug Store and High End

Hey beautiful/handsome! Hope your Monday was great! Mine was certainly busy with starting a new term with grad classes.

This time around I wanted to talk about my top lipsticks from the drug store and high end.

My top drug store lipsticks are :

Elf Wine Tour
Rimmel Berry Rich
NYX Snow White
Loreal Paris Project Runway Mystick’s Kiss
Bh Cosmetics Passionate
Bh Cosmetics Faithful

My top high end lipsticks are:

MAC Plumful
MAC Heroine
Urban Decay Venom
Urban Decay Matte After Dark

Here is my YouTube video for you guys to see 🙂

❤ ❤ Alexandria ❤ ❤